Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I started to work in November 2011 - about 13 months after my bad disease.

It took more energy than I expected.

I am only on three days at the office. I started with 4 hours work per each of those 3 days, and the rest at home. Currently I spend 7 hours on every day at the office, so it is a half-tim job.

I enjoy it.

I like to meet people there, most of them are quite nice to me.

The bad part is that I lost all of my functions. And I was so long out of that business that I have to learn the business and the rules and everything else of the company I am working for.
I am some kind of geeenhorn.
Which is strange, because actually I have most experience in software development of all people there. But currently I am working on the least important piece of software there.

But I enjoy it.

I see everything from a new point of view. I see the managers and what they are doing wrong and sometimes right.
I see the developers and their frustration and sometimes motivation.
I see the customers or product owners and their hope.

If all of them really know what is important in life and business?

I love software development, I learnt a lot about it, and I spend most of my lifetime (business and leisure time) for it.

I have to find a way to show my enthusiasm at the office.
The problem is that currently those developers rule who have not enough experience and who are doing things wrong. Quite wrong.

But I enjoy it.

These are amazing times for software developers like me.

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