Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Year, Another Disease

The last 3 weeks were a little bit hard. Nearly every day, I was in a hospital, or met a doctor, or a doctor came to see me at home.

It started three months ago, when I got a small skin problem where the physician finally decided to cut the piece of skin out of the area above my stomach. So far not so bad, but unusual for me. I didn't have any experience with such things.
It turned out the physician cut out a bigger piece of skin than expected. What remained was some kind of black hole... and it did not heal for the next 8 weeks.
Finally we switched to another doctor. He said he would have to stitch and suture the open area with the skin of the nearby skin area. He did it and it went well - at first.

  • Of course I was not allowed to move my body much so that the suture would not open. I am sitting in a wheel chair, and I cannot move much at all, but then it was even less, so it was not a simple time for me. It was painful because my body does not react well when I cannot move my muscles, then my muscles and nerves send hurting signals.
  • I had to take many antibiotics which caused stomach-ache, and made me very tired, so I spent the Christmas time and New Year's Eve in my bed.
  • And it turned out that the skin problem started again, this time around the suture, only smaller as two months ago.
  • At New Year's Eve we got the result from the doctor about the name of the skin disease. It is an auto-immune disease again (as my original problem two years ago which caused my palsy). And again they don't know much about it - neither the reasons nor a possible therapy.
  • I was scared if my body were going to have bigger problems, how my life would go on, and so on.
  • We did some checks at a hospital, and fortunately they had met my doctor there before. They said he is quite good, and that we should trust him.

So currently I take high doses of cortisone again, and my skin has a small bad area where blood comes out when I move my body too fast.

The good thing is that the remaining bad skin area might be small enough so that it might heal some day. We will see.