Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, gone

As usual at the end of the year, here is a short overview about my current physical state:

  1. I spent 4 months in a hospital because of an anti-immune disease called Pyoderma Gangraenosum. It destroys the skin and the area around, and I got a long Cortisone stress therapy to stop that disease. It stopped. My wound healed. So this is very good.
  2. Due to that disease, the time spent in the hospital, the Cortisone, and other medicine, I am in a bad physical condition which concerns my blood pressure, my general fitness, and my body shape.
  3. A few weeks ago I started to train again - nearly every day, strength, aerobics, stretching.
  4. Most parts of my body hurt, quite a lot, and I have difficulties to sleep well, and therefore I often have not enough energy to perform my tasks when I'm awake.
  5. I have overweight, one could say I'm a little bit fat..., so I have to reduce my weight, which is not so easy, but I think I'm on a good way.

And here some general remarks about me and my life:

  1. My wife: our relationship is very good and very important for me. 
  2. Family: is good.
  3. Friends: good, not enough friends, I have to be more active.
  4. Job: is bad. They put me back, because I cannot be at the office every day full time, so they successfully destroyed a big part of my motivation.
  5. Body: I have to fight to become better, but I started.
  6. Leisure time: Many interesting things to do, but I have to focus more on those activities which help me more in my life.
  7. Identity: Struggling to find a new one.
  8. Spirituality: is good. Still in harmony.
  9. Life: I would like to do some important or useful things but haven't figured out yet what to do exactly.
  10. Death: I remember to have died several times a few years ago during the time in the hospital, so I lost some fears about it. My main fear is to die and let my beloved wife alone. Have to think about how to handle this better.
Concluding I would say, I'm on my way, but don't where to go yet :-) 

Have a great 2014 :-)